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Things to Know

Processing times

The time I need to prepare an order for shipping varies. For in-stock items, expect 3 business days to ship. For all custom orders, please know it takes up to 3 weeks (depending on weather) for bricks to ship. For details, see individual items.

Estimated Shipping Times

North America : 2-4 business days

Returns & Exchanges

Request a cancellation within 24 hours of purchase. I make your orders right away, and if it’s been made, no refunds are given, ever.

I don’t accept returns or exchanges, but please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

Custom and Personalized Orders

Custom orders take up to 21 days to complete (depending on weather). I do not accept returns, so please double check your request for correct spelling and grammar.

Please be sure to include an “s” on the end of the last name bricks if there is more than one person in the household. If the last name ends in an “s” (i.e. Jones) and you would like to make it plural, add an “es” instead.

Care Instructions

These bricks are made for indoor or outdoor use. Over time –as with any concrete product– humidity, weather, chemical sprays, plant growth, moisture, and other factors can weather, or alter the appearance of your bricks. They’re usually radder and more charming with a little dirt patina on them. Although they are strong, they are not designed for construction use, or for vehicular traffic. Use your best judgement.

Use caution when handling your bricks, as they are handmade and can have rougher spots. Also, dropping, or installing with incompatible underlayment can break or damage your bricks. Under typical outdoor desert conditions, unsealed bricks have lasted in great condition for going on 10 years.

You can view the care card included in your package here:

care instructions for your brick
Click to enlarge. Email me for an accessible version if you need it.

Gift Wrapping and Packaging

The bricks are currently packed in labeled cardboard boxes, lined with styrofoam, placed inside flat rate boxes protected by styrofoam shims. I know, I know. I hate it too, but it’s the best material I’ve found to get your items to you safely the first time. I’m working on a better solution.

Should I drop my brick?

Not good for the brick, the floor, or any toes in between. Handle with care.

Should I place my brick on a shelf above head height?

Not smart. No.

How charming will my brick(s) be?

Every brick is individually tinted, mixed, poured, stamped, trimmed, and burnished by a human. I do my best to achieve pleasing color, texture, and letter placement in every brick, but they will still have tons of that handmade charm.

Can I buy magnets in sets of anything other than what’s listed?

Absolutely. Reach me easily with the form below.