Concrete Bookend Set with Initials


Add an industrial touch to your modern bookshelves with this concrete initial brick set.

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Add an industrial touch to your modern bookshelves with this concrete bookend set with initials.

Each concrete bookend set contains two bookends which measure approximately 5″H X 3.75″W X 2″D. This set makes a great gift.

Choose your color, finish, and typeface, then type the letters you’d like in the customization boxes.

Use caution when handling your bricks, as they are handmade and can have rougher spots. Also, dropping, or installing with incompatible underlayment can break or damage your bricks. Under typical outdoor desert conditions, unsealed bricks have lasted in great condition for going on 10 years. Please use caution when placing or using your concrete bookends on furniture, or other surfaces that may easily be scratched by the porous concrete. Do not place on a surface above head height.

You can view the care card included in your package here. Please check out our Things to Know page for more details prior to purchasing.

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Brown, Buff, Dark Grey, Green, Light Grey, Red, Rust Finish, Yellow


Sealed, Unsealed


DUTCH CAPS, GOTHIC CAPS, MODERN CAPS, modern lowercase, STANDARD CAPS, standard lowercase


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