Custom 2-Line Concrete Beastly Brick


Create a custom stamped, concrete beastly brick featuring two lines of text.



Create a custom stamped, concrete beastly brick featuring two lines of text.

Select your color, typeface, and finish, then type the two lines of text you’d like in the customization box. Limit 8 characters per line.

Approximate size: 10.75″w X 3.75″h X 2″d

These concrete beastly bricks are made for indoor or outdoor use. Over time –as with any concrete product– humidity, weather, chemical sprays, plant growth, moisture, and other factors can weather, or alter the appearance of your bricks. They’re usually radder and more charming with a little dirt patina on them. Although they are strong, they are not designed for construction use, or for vehicular traffic. Use your best judgment.

Use caution when handling your bricks, as they are handmade and can have rougher spots. Also, dropping, or installing with incompatible underlayment can break or damage your bricks. Under typical outdoor desert conditions, unsealed bricks have lasted in great condition for going on 10 years.

You can view the care card included in your package here. Please check out our Things to Know page for more details prior to purchasing.

Additional information

Weight 96 oz
Dimensions 11 × 4 × 2 in

Brown, Buff, Dark Grey, Green, Light Grey, Red, Rust Finish, Yellow


Sealed, Unsealed


DUTCH CAPS, GOTHIC CAPS, modern lowercase


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