looking down on a rainsoaked plant in a wooden planter with dark grey river rocks and gravel and a yellow brick with the name brutus stamped in it

Custom Pet Memorials

Some of the brickerie’s earliest custom bricks were created to honor a pet that had passed away. The ability to offer a memorial brick that could provide a reminder or resting place marker lets me

several house shaped concrete magnets individually wrapped in clear bags affixed to the side of an aged metal cabinet

Magnets – Two Birds, One Concrete Stone

Early on in my custom brick making experience I relied heavily on experimentation to fine tune my concrete brick recipe. As my experiments grew in number, so did the weight of my trash can. I

black and white rendering of a custom stamped concrete brick set with the words from little seeds grow great trees.

From Little Seeds Grow Great Trees

  When I first started manufacturing custom concrete bricks in 2016, I had my heart set on making larger scale sets for gardens, walkways, open spaces, and parks. My initial goal was to create special