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From Little Seeds Grow Great Trees – A Concrete Brick Set

When I first started manufacturing custom bricks in 2016, I had my heart set on making larger scale concrete brick sets for gardens, walkways, open spaces, and parks. My initial goal was to create special song lyrics, sayings, or poems with their words stamped in individual concrete bricks –similar to the look of the Magnetic Poetry sets from my junior high days. As logistical issues associated with shipping bricks developed, smaller sets and individual bricks became higher priority products in order to build the brickerie.

a large set of bricks when arranged spell out the Gangplank Manifesto

After working for 3 years to develop a solid concrete mix, an efficient process, and a healthy customer base, I was granted the opportunity to build one of my largest continuous sets of bricks to date, and get back to what I had intended to build originally.

Using 3 custom-blended concrete shades to match their branding, and custom 3D printed concrete stamps with their typeface, I’m creating a 48″ x 48″ concrete brick set with the Gangplank Values:

collaboration over competition
community over agendas
participation over observation
doing over saying
friendship over formality
boldness over assurance
learning over expertise
people over personalities

Once the custom concrete brick set is finished, it will be installed at the main entrance of the building, providing all who enter with an immediate introduction to the values that make the space the gem that it is. My little business has been transformed by the people that build this community of entrepreneurs (I’ll write more on that later), and I’m so excited to put my personal touch on the space that helped the brickerie blossom.

Each and every custom brick purchased is helping that tree grow, so I thank you deeply for your support.

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