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Custom Pet Memorials

Some of the brickerie’s earliest custom bricks were created to honor a pet that had passed away.

The ability to offer a memorial brick that could provide a reminder or resting place marker lets me connect with people across the country, and bring a little joy in a time of true loss.

Some people chose to use their custom pet bricks outdoors, some as part of an indoor shrine, and some just as a decoration on a bookshelf in their living rooms. Either way they’re used, all custom pet memorial bricks are fully customizable and handmade and packaged with care.

The bricks designed to be used as pet memorials are all sealed with concrete sealant to withstand water, and this sealant can be easily replaced to keep your custom brick looking great for many many years.

Choosing the beastly brick size allows the brick to be strong enough to withstand walking, and they can be integrated into existing brick paths, tree rings, or outdoor paver patios.

Here is a gallery of just a few of the handmade pet memorial bricks I have made:

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